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COVID Safe Plan

Are you still open for business, but struggling to keep up with the restrictions and requirements for your business? Blue Wren HR can help with this.

To remain open and operational you are required by law to have a COVID Safe Plan. This plan protects your employees and customers and prepares you for a suspected or confirmed case of COVID 19 in your workplace. Blue Wren can help you out here by:

  • Providing you with your COVID SAFE PLAN
  • Providing your business with an SOP on managing and protecting against COVID.
  • Issuing Work Permits to your employees that need them.

COVID Safe Plan

You must have a COVID Safe plan in place at your organisation and it must set out:

  • How you will meet all the requirements of the Victorian Government
  • PPE requirements
  • Actions that will be undertaken to prevent coronavirus in your workplace
  • How you will prepare for, respond to, coronavirus in your workplace (either suspected or confirmed).

Work Permits

From 11:59pm on Wednesday, a worker permit system has been introduced. Employers remaining operational must issue these permits to their employees and employees must carry this with them at all times.

Circumstances are changing with COVID rapidly. Blue Wren HR will be here to support businesses from a distance and take a bit of the load off you, so that you can concentrate on all the other things you need to.

Please let Blue Wren HR help you if you need.

Our offer to you:

We provide you your COVID plan, SOP and issue the work permits to your team for:

Under 50 Employees $29.95

Between 50 – 100 Employees $49.95

100 plus Employees $99.95