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Out of my comfort zone: Website Design & Personality Profile

This week I’ve been busy and way out of my comfort zone. No, I’m not talking home-schooling either.

When I launched this business a month ago, I went “gung ho” into the challenge. Cheerful and optimistic, my spirits high and enthusiastic about getting out there. Within one week, I had made the decision to formalise my business, designed my logo , developed a website, and prepared all the admin and marketing materials (with help of course!).

My vision was always clear, I knew what I wanted and I went at it, with a level of urgency, I really didn’t need.

This week, I googled and you-tubed to my hearts content. Although stressful (technology is not my strength), I have managed to tweak and adjust my website to my vision. Now, by no means am I saying that this is an amazing savvy website. On all accounts, it is very basic, but it suits me perfectly. Tech people (like my husband!) will be saying “it’s not that hard”, but for people like me, it’s damn hard. I’m mighty chuffed at the result – it may not be perfect but its a really good start.

The end of the week is always a great opportunity of reflection. Reflecting on this journey, I have acted within my comfort zones and how my behaviour has been driven by my personality style. In my interactions with others, its been interesting to observe other peoples styles too, what worked, what didn’t and how I could have worked more effectively. It’s rather inspiring really.

Check out website V2

Check out my website tweaks, let me know what you think.

What’s your style and can you guess mine?

Feel free to give me a call, if you want to explore your style. Being able to understand yourself and others, can really help you to build better relationships, both personally and professionally. Have you done the DISC profiling assessment before? Can you guess what style I am?