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Challenge of Champions – Banyule City Soccer Club Junior Iso Competition

It is hard to believe that our Junior Iso competition, sponsored by Blue Wren for Banyule City Soccer Club has coming to an end, after 6 weeks in isolation.

A team of people managed to pull this all together and make it something I am proud of. The messages of support from families has been nothing short of inspirational and much needed as I went on a spiral of self doubt each week wondering whether anyone would get on board and support what we were doing for the kids.

Sharyn Cox was absolutely amazing. Sharyn works full time, has two young children and is on the committee for the club, but she still found time to put together the clips of players each week, post them on social media for us all to enjoy and all on a Sunday night!

Bradey Norton is also a young, energetic Junior Coordinator, Coach and Senior player,and works full time. He coodinated and on board to undertake our drills each week for the competition and of course the all important judging. Of course, the players too reminded us of our lucky we are to have them in our club – passionate and engaging, I can’t thank them enough for giving up their time to support the competition each week.

Very importantly, the parents deserve a mention. I feared no-one would get behind us and these guys proved me wrong. I’m certain they had better things to do with their time, but each week they encouraged the kids, got out there and made it all come together.

The mighty kids tried so hard each week and were so impressive that they gave it a go.

Then, someone extra special to me. My beautiful son who at 12 years old showed the most incredible act of maturity and sportsmanship. Each week he participated in the competition, knowing that he couldn’t win, because mum was running the competition. The final prize on offer was something he desperately wanted but he never complained,and each week gave his all to make me happy. He makes me incredibly proud.

Over the six weeks we gave away 10 Melbourne City Soccer Balls including one all important signed ball, $180 in gift vouchers for the kids, and a Melbourne City zoom chat. We prepared 6 weekly challenges and 1 backyard blitz challenge. It was a lot of effort from everyone that took part, but well worth it.

Check out our Senior Players here:

Week 1 – Harrison

Week 2 – Bradey

Week 3 – Scott

Week 4 – Troy

Week 5 – Jesse

Week 6 – The team

Check out the kids:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

The all important Melbourne City Soccer Ball (that’s right a ball signed by all the Melbourne City Players 2020/2021) draw here.