Blue Wren HR

R U OK Day

Today is R U OK Day. Remember this is a reminder of Mental Health and we need to be watching, supporting and managing it every other day too.

As a HR Consultant dealing with an employees mental health battles is one of the most difficult and challenging situations there is. And 2020 has tested everyone’s limits.

We support and manage all the moving parts of the business and employee as best we can and we wish for a magic wand to make it better. It is tough and heartbreaking to watch an employee suffer and a business often being blamed for it.

Never have I experienced a situation where others and businesses don’t want the best for the person that is suffering. Having conversations early and often can go along way in supporting an employee going through this. But it is more than just asking if the person is okay. Not everyone is an expert in this field, listening goes along way in communication for a start. And if you are feeling out of your depth, there is a wealth of resources out there to get help for the person. Visit

For a small business, early management is key. Please get in touch with Blue Wren HR if you feel you need further support in terms of managing these situations in the workplace.