Blue Wren HR

Fancy not having to think anymore about employee training? Blue Wren HR have partnered with SAP Litmos. We plan, manage and implement your training needs for you and at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Too often we walk into businesses that have invested little to none in employee training, including fundamental compliance and safety training. We understand though. Training is expensive and often the Return on Investment is hard to show let alone trying to fit it in and still get the job done. Unfortunately however, being too busy or expensive doesn’t change the legal responsibilities of an employer to provide adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to an employee, and until things go wrong, you don’t really know how valuable this training can be.

Many organisations I’ve worked for have sought to boost engagement levels but have not necessarily known how and all too often these organisations start the dis-engagement process of an employee right on the commencement of that employee. The induction programs don’t exist and if they do they are awful, leaving a bad first impression about the business.

Imagine if you could turn this around. Last week, we run a refresher induction program for a medium sized manufacturing business. The result – fist pumping excited employees. Now, when I say refresher I use the term loosely. These were all existing employees some with years of experience with the employer. Had they done an induction before. Nope. In fact one comment was “When I started here my induction was the worst I’d ever experienced in my working career. This however, is probably the best I’ve ever had”. Now I might be exaggerating a little with the fist pumping excitement but there was no doubt all employees felt a sense of pride in what the company was delivering, a little bit of “about time” but a definite acknowledgement that the company was lifting the bar of expectations and standards, and as a result they loved it.

So, how would you like all your company compliance and induction training needs tailored to your business and planned and managed each quarter, without you even having to think about it? Better still, imagine if this was engaging and flexible and easy for your employees to access. You may for instance have unproductive hours and instead of having employees waste 15-30 minutes of time, they can quickly jump online and complete some of that compliance and safety training that was never able to be fit in.

We chose SAP Litmos for a reason. Its the best solution out there. Plus, we can tailor programs and add content so that it fully meets your individual circumstances. As a small to medium sized business you get the benefits of a big business training program, because we make the investment and deliver solutions to multiple businesses, meaning we save you money. By letting Blue Wren HR manage this for you, you don’t need to outlay the same level of cost of purchasing the system [in fact you get it at a fraction of the cost], plus you don’t even have to administer it. We do that for you!

But don’t wait. We need to start planning now for 2021! Feel free to get in touch to discuss these options further.

Watch this clip on SAP Litmos for further information: