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Virtual First Aid Training

COVID hasn’t been all that bad. Its been amazing to watch how some companies have quickly adapted to the COVID constraints that has turned around how they will now operate from this point forward.

Take St Johns Ambulance for example. I’ve always used St John’s Ambulance for First aid training. The courses are always up to date and their reputation excels. It can be tough however to organise and arrange training for companies when employees are on different schedules

I was intrigued to find out how the St Johns Provide First Aid training would work and given my now 15 year old daughter was looking for her first job, I thought this was a great skill she could have to put on her CV.

We went through the virtual course together and I have ti say I’m a huge fan.

Show bag arrived in the mail today full of goodies including Anne [the CPR dummy]! At $245 PLUS resources this is fantastic flexible value for businesses. Plus, it can be much more self paced giving people the confidence they need on completion.

No excuses for this training now. Book here.

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