Blue Wren HR

Building a Culture starts with Trust!

Do you have trust across your business?

Blue Wren HR have been working with one client recently to build this. We started with trust because it was abundantly clear there wasn’t any.

The business believed that the business strategy and path to achieving their goals was crystal clear across the organisation and yet this week heard from brave and honest employees who now had the trust to speak up that this wasn’t at all the case.

So now the reset begins and a communication plan is in place right down to the structure, frequency and agenda of every meeting in this business. It’s exciting!

Everyone can feel the excitement despite some of us still in our fear zones. Now that the business has been able to listen, they’ve reflected on this feedback and now realise that their strategy needed tweaking.

We are getting great focus, having brutally honest conversations with each other, and without realising it – we are building a better culture.

Sounds like something your business could do with?

Get in touch with Blue Wren HR. We might just be your answer!