Blue Wren HR

Tailored HR Support

Blue Wren HR is a HR consulting service supporting the needs of small to medium businesses in and around Melbourne.
In 2016 Laura made the decision to leave the permanent workforce to focus on her family. The industry however had other ideas, and through word of mouth referrals, Laura was kept busy consulting to businesses in various capacities. In conversation one evening, a comment was made that forced Laura into considering the future; “if you are this busy without even sourcing  work, imagine what might be if you had a presence in the market”. And so, that night, the idea of Blue Wren HR was born.
SMEs are faced with the challenge of navigating people issues in a complex compliance environment, often without the budget for a permanent HR resource, the expertise internally, or simply the time. Blue Wren HR is the experienced, flexible, cost effective solution for these businesses.

Why Blue Wren?

Laura went four years without a brand name and used only her reputation. But when she wanted to mark her presence in the industry, like most businesses, she needed a name, something that she was proud of that resonated with her. 
Laura has always attributed her soft skills to her success in HR service delivery, the process being the easy part. And as she pondered over a name for her business to reflect this, her grandma’s painting of a blue wren sat opposite. “Blue Wren help!”  And right then was the “Aha” moment.
It turns out the blue wren represents exactly what Blue Wren HR is trying to achieve. 
Blue wren means “Wisdom, Action, Accuracy, Attentiveness and Enthusiasm”.
Like the blue wren, we only appear when it is right and appropriate, direct and to the point, and we teach you by our actions.  Blue Wren HR is tailored to your business needs. We can fly in and fly out as you need us to. 
You might choose to use us for a specific project, an ongoing engagement or you may simply want us to drop you a package of resources personalised or customised for you. 
The blue wren is Australia’s favourite and cheekiest bird and just like the wren, Laura likes to have fun, those that have worked with her are likely to refer to her as cheeky too.
Your business too, might be like the blue wren. Not perfect but seeking it. The blue wren  offer opportunities for us to learn and grow. The wren teaches us not to just settle on the status quo, to consider the options that we have and sometimes to go for it. It lets us know that it is okay to make mistakes; to move forward. It also teaches us the importance of balancing work with other priorities, like building relationships with the people around us. The wren is busy too, and teaches us that our current place or situation isn’t necessarily where will we rest or should rest, but rather that change can be a good thing, if we hold the right mindset for it.

As Blue Wrens we form a deep partnership with one another. Blue Wren HR is an extension of your business and opens up the possibilities within your business, beyond what you and your employees have achieved.

We might be small and insignificant like the Blue Wren, but what we offer for your business is a clear direction and  journey full of possibilities and experiences, carried out nimbly and positively. 
Laura prides herself on the work relationships she has formed, the reputation for hard work and high quality service, and  support for charitable and community causes – qualities the Blue Wren also displays.
Let Laura be the blue wren for your business.


Laura is our go-to HR resource. Her service options are a perfect solution for our business given we are not big enough to support an in-house HR person. Initially we contacted Laura to undertake a HR audit. This led to an ongoing relationship. A myriad of projects and tasks have been undertaken from: implementing our policies and procedures, creating contracts of employment, redesigning our appraisal process, undertaking performance management activities and terminations, running communication training for our team, facilitating mediation sessions, and managing a redundancy program. The level of preparedness and professionalism throughout, in my opinion, makes her stand out above the rest. Now that we are equipped, Laura is our on-call HR service and is there whenever we need her.”


Director- Engineering

I have worked with Laura for many years, so when I moved into an organisation without any HR service, she was the first person I recommended. Laura provided a detailed HR and Safety assessment of where we were and a priority of actions to undertake. She worked with us to put in place the actions to close the gaps we had. Laura provided our business with a road map for the future, formulating a HR Strategy that linked to our overall Business strategy, she provided us with the necessary tools and templates we needed, including policies & procedures, employment contracts and induction materials to name just a few. We were also able to provide development to one of our employees who moved into the HR service under Laura’s guidance.  For employers considering Laura for their HR consulting needs, I can honestly report, Laura will deliver”. 


Manager, FMCG

“Laura is a HR professional with a business mindset, that makes a powerful combination. Laura immediately felt like one of our own and has assisted us across many facets of the Business and HR function and delivered. Laura bought focus to our strategic goals and aligned our teams so that we had the right people in the right roles. I know our HR needs are taken care of with Laura on board, so this allows me to focus on our core business. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura to anyone looking for professional, quality, and tailored assistance.”


Director- Boiler Services

“Laura is a pleasure to work with. She always provides professional, practical, and timely support that makes my job as a manager of people that much easier. Even in the most difficult circumstances, Laura brings a smile and energy to the team that rubs off on our people and has us all engaged. She built our entire HR and Safety system, that is embedded into the way we work, and provides expertise in all things compliance related. Her business acumen and common-sense approach is outstanding. She continues to be my objective sounding board, even when I don’t want to hear it”.


Manager, FMCG

“Laura provided our business with a very thorough analysis of a moving target (our processes and physical set-up were both in a state of flux).  Most impressive”. 


Director- FMCG

“Laura is a unique HR person. She came into our workplace when our leadership team were all moving in different directions. I was beyond frustrated. With Laura’s help we were able to learn more about each other, discuss issues and move forward as a strong and united team. Laura is a straight shooter and I love that. It was the first time in a long time that I felt as a manager on the front line, I had the business backing. I’ve made life-long friends as a result.”


Manager, FMCG

“I would highly recommend Laura to any businesses who are considering getting assistance with HR matters. Laura assisted me in a workplace issue because I was way out of my depth. Laura was so attentive; she took the time to explain every step of the process which meant that I always felt at ease. She made one of the most stressful moments in my life, much less tense and traumatic. Laura helped at short notice, was incredibly knowledgeable and fought my battle for me. She gave me relief and support.  I honestly do not know what I would have done if Laura had not been there for me. I certainly would not have had the same result. When I was tasked with the next project of reviewing, updating, implementing position descriptions and employment contracts, Laura was my first contact” Sue, Health Professional – Medical Industry


Health Professional- Medical Industry

“It was so reassuring to have Laura assist us with a performance management issue. She took all the stress out of the process, was so thorough and informative. At every stage she explained what we were doing and why we were doing it from a compliance point of view. It meant that I could handle the process with a lot more confidence”




Director - Pharmaceuticals